Meet Carrie

Welcome to my little corner of the web.  I am NOT a writer, at all, period.  It's just not my thing.  However, I love to share stories about life.  I am a mid 30s momma that is navigating life and foster care.  I have an amazing husband that I met where else!  Together we have a crazy toddler and a super sweet yellow lab fur baby.  We live in the amazing state of Maryland where the summers are hot and humid the winters are cold and gross and there is always something beautiful no matter where you look. I love reading, gymnastics, coffee, chocolate, and children.  Prior to becoming a mother in 2014 I was both a teacher and a vice principal.  When my son was born I was able to be a full time momma which is exactly what I've always wanted to do.  Luckily waiting a while to have children was very helpful in making that happen.  In June 2016 we accepted our first foster care placement.  Foster care is so unknown to so many, so here is my little peek into our life.  If you have questions or would like to chat more about fostering hit me up on instagram @coffeeloveandfostercare .  I cant wait to share this awesome life with you all!

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