Monday, July 11, 2016

Our first placement

How in the world has it been two whole months since I last wrote? Sleep deprivation must be the reason.  After navigating some extra preplacement requirements we welcomed our first sweet little one into our home on June 29th.  Y'all, babies are exhausting. I feel like I should remember this but I think your brain must store that in a special spot never to be remembered or else there would only be one baby per household.  This baby is the sweetest.  He's happy unless he's hungry, starting to smile, and loving some cuddles.  My main concern has been making sure Carter is adjusting well.  So far, so....okay? He does great most of the time, but when I have to feed little bear we see the little jealous side come out.  But we are dealing.  Navigating visits has been much easier than I thought I would be, for now.  Our case worker has been doing all the transport and supervision which has made this less stressful than I was anticipating.

Since its been way too long let me fill you in on a bit of what we've been up too! This is super random so hold on :)

Carter turns 2!!!!
My baby turned two so we rolled out the red carpet for Elmo.  All of our friends and family came out to celebrate and despite the weather we had a great time!!

C with my husband and my dad!

He totally understand the present thing now!

The only picture from Mother's Day :(

Loving his new Usborne dinosaurs books.  Y'all these books are amazing!!!

We took a little road trip for Memorial Day to see the matriarch of my husbands family, our 94 years young grandma!!

Because roadtrips require Starbucks, and cake pops. 

C with my hubby and his greatgrandma!

Summer Fun is in full swing!
Pool time!

C's first movie.....Finding Dory with his girlfriends!!!

Water table love!
and finally.....International Mud Day, this was a toughy for this momma that hates dirt but my boy loved it. 

Ok, that's enough about my month.  Hopefully we are back into the swing of things.  Id love to hear from you especially about how you navigate things like visits with other littles as well.