Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!  That hump day commercial will never get old!!!

Lets get to the good stuff!

What we are eating:
Monday we ate all the fast food.  We were in the car for 12 hours so yeah, that happened.

Tuesday we had tacos, pasta salad, brownies, muffins, donuts, salad, and tea.  Sounds awesome right? It was our monthly foster parent support group meeting and its kind of a potluck.  It is so wonderful that we get to have a speaker, dinner, some time to chat and babysitting is provided.   Do you have a local foster support group? If so Id love to chat and if not you should talk about starting one.

Tonight and tomorrow we are having grilled sausages with salad and asparagus. We always have leftovers on Thursday night because my husband teaches a class and doesn't get home til 7.

Friday is pizza night at least twice a month.  I love thin crust frozen pizzas from giant.  Their store brand is perfect and $6.  I do love delivery pizza but I don't splurge on that price tag often.  Momma's on a budget.

Saturday we are going out for Mexican because I've been craving it.

What I'm reminiscing about:
Today I registered Carter for his 3 year old preschool program!!! Hes only 2.  So today Ive been thinking about how far this little guy has come.  At this time last year he was barely talking and I was getting worried. Now I cant get him to stop, ever.  I'm also wondering how last year we were covered in snow and today it is 60 degrees.  I miss the snow.
Two years ago and this year!

What I am Loving:
Amazon FRESH!!!! Grocery shopping for next week is done..... from my couch.  It will be delivered on Sunday morning.  This will be my second order and I am totally loving it.  Just a few things they don't seem to have and that I think are overpriced so Ill still end up at BJs at some point next week.

What I've been up to:
Spending time outside!! The weather has been amazing the past week and will continue to be that way for the near future.  So we've been riding bikes, playing on the swingset, and soaking up the sun with no jackets.
He's really getting the hang of it and I had to lift the seat, he's grown 3 inches in 9 months.

Love this so much! My boy and my godson are total bffs. 

What I am working on:
Paperwork, lots of paperwork.........more to come on that.

What I am excited about:
Tonight I am going to the movies, by myself!!!! I am going to see Newsies and I am totally excited.

What I am watching:
Um, This Is Us, like everyone else.  And I did NOT like the preview.  Someone better check on me next week.  I had to watch 2.5 episodes today to catch up just to bawl my eyes out and then get mad.  Boo.  I love it!!!

What I am wearing:
Flip flops!!! This weather!!! I need a pedicure but I got a tattoo a few weeks back and they said to wait 6 weeks!!! I got it in January so that shouldn't have been a problem.  #globalwarming

What I am doing this weekend:
We are going to try and hit the zoo, probably on Friday though.  No big plans for the weekend.

What I am looking forward to next month:
Next month is generally calm. So that I am looking forward to since April-June look like they might be crazy.

What else is new:
So two weeks ago I got invited to a party for lipstick.  I love the people going so I thought why not.  And now I am in love with LipSence.  Yall last night I left it on and it was still there in the morning!!  Here is a picture of my lips and my starbucks cup......with no color on it.  Whaaat??

Here's the link to my friends page if you are interested and want more info.