Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Kids Parties

Show and Tell Tuesday: Kids Parties

Ive only had the pleasure of planning two kid birthday parties and a baptism party but yall.......I love it.  Here are some peeks at the parties Ive planned.

Carter's baptism was when he was around 8 months old.  Lots of family came out to help celebrate this sweet day.  We went with a simple blue and white and it was perfect.

The little guy with his godparents (in the middle) and my husband and I. 

Coordinated down to his outfit made by his godmother. 

I went with cookies instead of a cake.  I really prefer single serve style desserts. 

God Bless our sweet miracle. 

Very simple lunch type food spread since this was at 11am.

 The next party I had the pleasure of planning was Carter's first birthday party.  This was kinda of a big deal since he is the first grand child.  It was all family and a totally great time. The theme was "Our Little Man is One".
The Invitation

The guest of honor. 

Ready for his cake. 

A banner with a picture from each month.  I just cut out cute scrapbook paper and glued a picture on. 

I used our chalk wall to write out all sorts of fun stuff.  That green wall is no longer green :)

Doesnt everyone love leg warmers. 

Drinks and cupcakes....single serving desserts :)

The spread!

This was such a fun day full of lots of family.  Aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, and even some friends all the way from Texas.  I am so blessed to have so many awesome people that love this little guy.

Last year we decided to go with a theme that he would LOVE even if it killed me to do something so commercial.  But this is his party and he was in love with Elmo.  So you guessed it, all Elmo all day.

This was a super fun spread. Every dish had cute little name tags that I forgot to take pictured of. Sad face.

I love these drink pitchers, thank you target.  You'll see them in all my party pics. 

This huge Elmo went to work with my husband the following week and made quite the scene. 

Remember how I said single serving desserts? Yea, this was not.  I dont think I will make that mistake again.

Gift bags!
Such a fun day!!!

I also had an adorable thank you card that I must have deleted.  I try to make a thank you card that matches the invite for now since he isn't old enough to write. 

Now it is your turn to help me.  Party #3 is FARM!! But here's the thing, I cant have it at the farm because he has a spring birthday and the farms here only do fall parties.  So give me your ideas for an at home farm party.  Next year I am venturing away from my house!

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