Friday, January 20, 2017

Back at It!! Friday Favorites!

Holy heck!! How has it been 4 months since I've had a minute to write out my thoughts? My goal is to at least write once a week this year.  Here's to trying!  My favorite things to do on Friday is to tell you my favorite things about this week.  Since to day is Inauguration day I will start by saying it is not my favorite day, my mood is blah, it's raining, and I am out of coffee.  I'll touch on all that at the end.

So I am suuuuper picky.  I have tried every single Kcup latte, hot cocoa, chair etc and did NOT like a single one. Then I saw this lovely at Target.  The next day someone on the great Facebook mentioned it, so I had to try it.  For $12 you get 9 k-cups and little packets of milky yumminess.  The packet goes in first and then you brew the coffee on top, stir, drink, and enjoy.

I neeeeed this! In two weeks I have had three people come to my door and ring the bell AND knock........during naptime.  Look up and see the little camera, I can see you and I am not opening the door.  Buhbye!  This is my favorite sign, but I want to add Oprah, girl scouts and that publishers clearing house guy!!

Someone asked the other day how I know what my child weighed at his 9mo dr appointment.  Well I dont remember per se but this nifty app lets me track all that info to have handy.  Its great because I can add and delete kiddos as needed.

My word of the year is intentional.  I started by doing concrete things that I can see.  I took most of the books in the house and sorted them into themes. Put them in baskets and made a list.  I am going to swap out books twice a month so that we have more varied reading at bedtime.  I'm only doing this on the bedroom small books shelf, I'm not crazy.

In closing I wanted to share what I posted on my personal Facebook page today.  Just my thoughts on a somber day.

I have attended the inaugurations of President Clinton and President Obama. I have watched all the others regardless of whom I voted for. The fact that we live in a nation where we can vote without fear of retaliation is something to celebrate. I will watch today to remind myself that we live in the greatest country in the world. For the next 4 years I will show my son that you don't have to like, trust, or agree with the person that is president but you must respect the office of the President of the United States of America. And I will try to do that so much better than Obama's critics have for the last 8 years.
I will pray everyday for America and our President, because hoping for him to fail is hoping for America to fail, and that I will not do.
I heard this at my first inauguration and it will always remain true. 'There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America.'- William J. Clinton

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