Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Happy FriYAY!!!!

I literally count the moments until Friday because I LOVE a weekend!  Here are my top 3 favorite things this week!!

Am I the last person to try this?  A friend of mine had a freezer meal party and although I couldn't make the actual party I bought the kit and did it at home with my hubby. You get a box of seasonings and you provide veggies and meat.  A detailed list tells you exactly how much of what to put in each bag, and even how to cut everything.  Be sure to listen to that part....oops, my peppers didn't fit on my skewers.  Live and learn!!  On the recipe card come detailed nutritional information as well as other recipe ideas.  These make large serving so you can definitely stretch them to include kiddos. A few hours of meal prep and under $150 made TWENTY meals.  Take that restaurant budget!! So far the meals we have tried have been so yummy.  The best part is that you know exactly what is going into your food because they are all organic!! Take a peek at what they offer here!  I did the comfort foods workshop and got a few little samples of other things as well.  Ill update you later in the month as to how everything is going.

Comfort foods because comfort + yummy!

All prepped and ready to go!

Onions oh the onions!!

 First attempt was a success. Grilled chipotle lime shrimp!! You can use any protein that you like. 

Second meal, chicken fajitas.  So, about that picture.  Long story but baby bears lawyer was late getting here and so I literally made dinner while talking to her.  We ate standing in the kitchen and then hit the road to get to a baseball game!  Best laid plans........ But I promise you it was good, maybe a few more onions and peppers needed but that's the only change I would make.  We served it with yellow rice. 

You know what I am loving the most? This is helping me break out of the rut I was in off cooking the same darn meals every stinking week.  A girl can only eat turkey sausage or spaghetti so many times before she needs something fresh!  Ill keep you up on next weeks as well.

The weather!!!!
Can we all just take a single moment and smile for this weather!!! HIGH of 80 today!  Still a few warm days left to go but I can feel it.  Fall is a coming which means only one thing CHRISTMAS!!!! Ok, maybe not yet but soon enough!  My online shopping baskets are full of big scarfs and boots and all things warm and cozy.  It might be January before I can wear them but it will come!!

Infants and Toddlers Programs
I know many of you have been through this before but this was my first time working with them.  I taught next door to the program for years but never knew much about it.  Today I got to meet some of the ladies in our local office.  If you have or know a child that might be in need of early intervention contact your local school system.  ANYONE can do a referral.  Early intervention is key and this program is free!

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